WooCommerce Advanced Review Reminder


Customer Reviews

Perfect plugin for shop owners. Remind your customers to give a review for their purchases. Adds social proof for future customers along with unique user generated content.

Intelligent Features

  • Integrates smoothly with WooCommerce
  • Customize intervals and all content with macros
  • Intelligent – Does not send emails for cancelled orders
  • Does not annoy – customers can unsubscribe at any time
WooCommerce Advanced Review Reminder

Video walkthrough

In this video we will show you how to set up and use the plugin.


How to configure and use WooCommerce Advanced Review Reminder.

Once installed, you can go to the WooCommerce settings page.

Load the “emails” tab and navigate to the “Advanced Review Reminder” subtab.

Enable/disable turns the email scheduling and sending on and off.

Day(s) after order – is where you configure after how many days an order has been completed before an email should be sent.

When a customer makes an order in WooCommerce, the order goes to “processing” mode. This gives the you, the shopowner time to process the order and prepare it for shipping.

This could take a few days, and once you have checked the order manually, this plugin automatically schedules an email to be sent x amount of days later.

Virtual orders in WooCommerce are instantaneous, so the plugin will schedule any emails to be sent immediately.

Email subject and email content is where you can change the email template being sent. Both of these fields can use the following macros.

These macros are replaced with values that are specific to the site. For example customer name or order.

Stop Receiving Emails Text – This becomes a clickable link that is embedded in the email via the {stop_emails_link} macro. When this link is clicked, the email is added to the block list further down. These email addresses will never recieve an email again from this plugin, unless they are manually removed down below.

Finally you can also enter an email address to send a test email. The emails sent use the general templates used by WooCommerce so it will follow the same look and style as the other emails that are sent.

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